About Eco Power & Lighting

Heading up the technical team at Eco Power & Lighting is myself, Philip Farrar. I have over 20 years’ experience in the electrical industry and since the 90’s I have been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients in both domestic and commercial sectors, in the UK and on the other side of the world.

My vast knowledge and expertise in providing electrical solutions has led to the continued success and growth of the Eco Power & Lighting brand and its invaluable team of committed and dedicated electrical contractors. With the addition of renewable energy being heavily invested in over the last 8 years, I have a passion for using the earth’s natural resources to provide us with electricity and heat sources, which will allow us to work towards reducing, and eventually eradicating, our carbon footprint. I strongly believe that the future of renewable energy will sustain the lifestyles we lead whilst taking more care of our environment.

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In 2011, the business was rebranded as Eco Power & Lighting to better reflect the introduction and availability of renewable energy solutions into our business. This was an incredibly exciting time for us as we had seen a rise in this side of the business, receiving a high number of customer enquiries for Solar PV and Heat Pumps and gradually began installing more and more energy-consuming products. This was a solution to many problems with great financial benefits for my clients and at the same time, reducing carbon emissions and shaping a better environment.

Our core installation team is made up of highly-qualified electrical contractors who consistently carry out first-class electrical work across a wide range of homes and businesses; we also have a team of carefully selected sub-contractors should we need them to take care of larger electrical projects. Each and every Eco Power & Lighting electrician works hard to maintain the high standard of workmanship that we pride ourselves on.

Our business runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to the back-office team who skilfully co-ordinate all of our enquiries, bookings, sales, accounts, marketing, certifications, creation of handover packs for renewable energy clients and so much more. Having a team who support us so well, means that we can offer a more efficient service to our clients, through a seamless process that gets an electrician on site quickly and your project completed.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Work

We have an ever-increasing number of clients who are made up of domestic, commercial and industrial. Quite often our domestic clients will refer us onto their own families and friends and our commercial clients keep us busier than ever with contracts for hundreds of new homes. We are also busy with industrial unit Solar PV installations for commercial buildings and smaller systems on developments ranging from 1KWp on 130 houses to 24KWp on the tops of blocks of flats.

We can carry out installations, repairs, testing and inspections on a wide range of properties in the domestic and commercial sectors and provide detailed, user friendly reports highlighting any risks, essential works and legislative expectations relevant to you; everything you need to keep your home or workplace safe.

One of the most satisfying outcomes when working with our clients is completing a job and showing the client our superb workmanship. We are always immensely proud of our lighting and Solar PV projects as these are incredibly impressive and can be appreciated in an instant. With our renewable energy heating systems, it takes generation time during the winter season before the client can see the benefits of technical performance, savings or income generated and level of comfort that can be marvelled at.

My mission is to install energy producing equipment in as many places as possible and I truly believe that Eco Power & Lighting and other organisations are showing the world how things can be done. I would like to think that developing countries can take their own steps towards sustainable power systems and move away from outdated practice. Of course, this is only possible when the costs of the products are viable, but this can be achieved on a global basis with the support of governments around the world. I am passionate about heat storage and would love to build a development that utilises renewable energy systems. With good design, insulation and the right combination of renewable energy, we can live like we want to and have little or zero carbon emissions; and with the addition of electric cars soon, this will be completely possible.