As well as Solar, Heating & Electrical Services. We also provide a broad range of other services, please get in touch for a free quote.

Other Services

Eco Power & Lighting specialise in everything electrical and we are committed to assisting our clients with a wide range of supporting services, repairs and maintenance; all taken care of by our qualified and NICEIC accredited team of electricians. We provide an efficient, cost-effective and hassle-free service for both domestic electrical and commercial electrical clients across Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London.

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CCTV is a great way to deter any thief from breaking into your home or business premises. In fact, a lot of home owners are installing CCTV to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood too. Protecting yourself from intrusion by using CCTV means that the information recorded can be stored and viewed after any incident or it can alert you immediately in ‘real time’ and you are able to see what is happening straight away on your smart device. The IP cameras that we use are a little more expensive than the analogue systems, but the quality is far superior, which is exactly what you need from your CCTV system.

Security / Burglar Alarms

By installing a security or burglar alarm system into your home or commercial premises, acts as a deterrent to any would-be burglar. We install a wide range of alarm systems to suit your premises type, giving you added peace of mind that you are protected. We can install burglar alarms and security systems that have panic buttons and are linked to security companies and/or the police, so you get a rapid response to any potential break in. We take care of all installations and maintenance to ensure you are never left feeling unsupported by your security system.

Security Lighting

Eco Power & Lighting can supply, install and maintain a vast range of external security lighting that can be tailored to reflect the style of your home or business premises. Whether you require a single security light for your garden or a multi-light-controlled solution to keep your premises safe, we can install the security lighting solution you need. Areas that are illuminated or have a light sensor are more likely to deter any attempt to break in. Security lighting also saves energy and is multifunctional using a sensor or timed switching if needed and is perfect for alerting you of someone entering your premises when motion is detected.

Data & Telephone

Data and telephone installations are essential in commercial buildings for verbal and online communication and high-speed internet connections are critical. Data and telephones can be run as the same cables connected to a patch panel as needed. This allows free movement for staff who have specific extension numbers to be able to have flexi-desking as they can keep the same number and all that needs to be done is to patch the same line to the new desk.

Domestic telephone points are not so much needed anymore and usually one master and one slave should be enough as most homes use a cordless phone system. Data cables in the home are great if installed at the right time and will give much quicker speeds than WiFi; these systems are often run in dado trunking around the walls and incorporate the power for sockets, keeping cables hidden from view. If you need any data and telephone assistance, we can help.

Door Entry & Access Control

Door entry and access control is another great security measure to have in place. Particularly useful when you need to speak to people that come to your home or business, especially if you are located within a block of flats or a gated house. We have a wide range of door entry and access control systems that we use to suit individual needs, including systems with cameras, enabling you to see who is trying to gain access. We offer a fault find and maintenance service and can replace handsets when required.