Install Solar Panels now before the Feed in Tariff expires in 2019.

Solar Panels

As an Electrical Installation Company, installing solar panels seemed like the perfect and most natural progression in renewable energy. Creating electricity cleanly is a fantastic achievement in technology. At Eco Power & Lighting, we are so passionate about this exciting and revolutionary way of creating electricity from Solar Panels that we will invest up to half the cost in some solar panel systems ourselves. That is how confident we are about our solar power microgeneration systems.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic is one of many renewable energy’s. It is one of the most popular and can be used for small or large-scale installations to generate electricity from sunlight or light; yes, you can generate power from Solar Panels even on cloudy days! There is the environmental impact of manufacturing these panels and the recycling of them, however, currently compared to conventional fuels used this impact is much smaller, less invasive to our air quality and earth. Solar Panels are the way forward in sustainable development. Then the additional carbon-free neutral footprint that generating your own energy leaves, enables us to have a very small impact, if any on the environment. The sun is a huge energy source which enables us to generate clean, non-polluting sustainable electricity.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) – How It Works

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is installed in-roof, on-roof or ground mounted. A Solar Panels System is comprised of the panels/modules, an inverter, a meter and your existing consumer unit/fuse board. The Solar Panels consist of tiny cells which absorb the light and turn it into DC (Direct Current) electricity. This then travels to the inverter which converts the DC into Alternating Current (AC). The AC flows from the inverter into the fuse board. This enables us to use the electricity produced in our homes or business for heating, hot water (include an immersion switch) and power for sockets, washing machines, TV etc. This electricity will be topped up by the grid if required and if you have generated extra electricity from your Solar PV System, it will go back into the national grid. You will be paid for all the energy generated via the Feed In Tariff. You can also use batteries to store surplus Solar Panels energy for your own use. In commercial properties, shops, schools, and factories, the electricity generated is used to power computers, machines, lighting and heating.

Solar Panels FIT (Feed In Tariff)

The FITS is a government incentive to install renewable energy for your home. The scheme requires participating licensed electricity suppliers to make payments on both generation and export from eligible installations to the client. This scheme covers the following renewable technologies: Solar photovoltaic (solar PV), Wind, Micro combined heat and power (CHP), Hydro and Anaerobic digestion (AD). FIT payments are made quarterly (at least) for the electricity your installation has generated and exported. Payments are made based on the meter reading you submit to your energy supplier. FIT payments are made by your energy supplier from the date you become eligible for the scheme. This eligibility date varies according to small and large installations. The tariff paid to the client is locked and this tariff does not reduce, and you will be paid for a total 20 years from the date of installation. The FIT’s tariff will come to an end in 2019 – so now is the time to get locked in and get paid!

Solar Emersion Switch

A solar immersion switch is a brilliant addition to your system. It enables clients to heat their hot water from the power generated from their Solar PV systems or heat pumps. Further utilising the energy stored.

Solar Thermal

A Solar Thermal provides clients, most commonly with heating water generated by the sun. A Solar Thermal collector absorbs sunlight to heat a liquid which can be used for domestic hot water.

I had a different contractor come around to sell me Solar PV. He was advising to put it onto my house roof…this would have incurred a lot of shade as there was a tree in the garden. With Eco Power & Lighting, Philip (the installer) suggested installing the system on to the outbuilding at the back of the garden.

Eco Power & Lighting took care of the entire Solar PV installation, they were efficient and tidy and I’m more than impressed with its performance. I have just had a payment of £1472 for my first eleven months and I did not expect it to generate as much money as it has! I also have very significant savings on my own power consumption costs.

Mr Bob Perry, Cambridgeshire, Works: 1X 4Kwp Solar PV System

Having a roof facing east-west, we did not think that Solar PV was possible, but Philip showed us plans for panels on a south facing carport and garage roof. Philip’s team from Eco Power & Lighting installed 16 Solar Panels on our carport and garage roof. They are not visible from the road and look very neat.

This was a clever suggestion and the only way for our situation, as we did not want panels above the flat roof of our chalet bungalow. The installation was carried out efficiently and safely. The “brains” box is easily accessible, and we have fun monitoring the kW hrs. Playing out part in Green Energy is also going to be good in a financial sense.

Janet & Graham Jermain, Essex, Works : 1X 3.84Kwp Solar PV System

I was recommended to Eco Power & Lighting by a trusted friend and I subsequently found in negotiations that Philip was honest and trustworthy. I am retired and have had 2 Solar PV Systems installed and it is a great sound investment. Last year my return was about 12.5% on my outlay. I did a lot of research beforehand and am extremely satisfied with the install done.

We discussed many options for installing my Solar PV Systems and I enjoyed being able to really talk to Philip (the installer) about what I wanted. I found Philip covered all possible angles and options and really thought out of the box; he really personalised the install for me and spent time designing and making sure I got the best options and benefitted the most. My needs were most important to him.

The fact that the Solar PV Panels used are German made me feel secure knowing they are reliable and of good quality. I was really impressed with how the installer recommended them as I was concerned about the panels being an eye-sore…but they are visually pleasing and blend well with my tiled roofs. I was able to relate to and built a great rapport with Philip and really talk! It’s all about the quality of people you are dealing with and Eco Power & Lighting have this great quality.

Another aspect that I noticed, and my neighbours commented on – was the safety aspect. We were impressed by Eco Power & Lighting’s own equipment and safety use in the install process. It put my mind at rest and enabled me to feel confident knowing that safety was an important process of the job.

Eco Power & Lighting are pleased that he is happy to give a testimonial to any clients who would like to have a chat.

One of our Customers with properties in Norfolk & Hertfordshire, Works : 1X 3.92 Kwp Solar PV System (Hertfordshire), 1X 3.92 Kwp Solar PV System (Norfolk)

Eco Power and Lighting fitted 10 solar panels on our house last August. We had been thinking of getting solar for a while and Eco Power & Lighting were highly recommended to us. We were very pleased with the work done, the company were reliable and efficient.

We have been recommending them to our friends because their prices were very competitive, and the company worked with our home timetable. The manager came and spoke to us about the work they would do and the benefits we would receive and answered all our questions. We were very pleased with Eco Power & Lighting and are pleased that they carried out the work for us.

Mr & Mrs Manser, Essex, Works : 1X 2.5Kwp Solar PV System